Scientific Program (download PDF Final Program, Abstracts, & Info)

Welcome: Morning 23 June 09:00 PDF

Session 1: (Chair: A. Korn)

Comparative Spectrum Modelling and Quantitative Spectroscopy of Cool Stars

U. Heiter:Comparative Modelling of the Spectra of Cool Giants PDF

P. Hauschildt:The PHOENIX Model Atmosphere Package PDF

M. Bergemann: Non-LTE Line Formation of Fe-peak Elements and Application to Large-scale Stellar Surveys PDF

Coffee break and poster viewing 10:40

R. Collet: The StaggerGrid Project: a Grid of 3D Model Atmospheres for High-precision Spectroscopy PDF

T. Aparicio Villegas: Stellar Physics with the ALHAMBRA Photometric System PDF

A. Quirrenbach: Spectroscopic Instrumentation in the GAIA Era

Discussion Session I 12:10
Lunch at VUB restaurant 12:30

Session 2: Afternoon 23 June 13:30 (Chair: U. Heiter)

B. Plez: Model Atmospheres and Spectra for Cool Stars: Comparisons of MARCS and Other Brands of Models PDF

R. Sordo: Libraries of Synthetic Spectra in the Gaia Mission PDF

A. Recio-Blanco: Automatic Stellar Spectra Parametrisation in the IR Ca II Triplet Region PDF

Coffee break and poster viewing 15:20

G. Pace: The Metallicity Scale of Dwarf and Giant Stars PDF

N. Gorlova: Abundance Analysis of Post-AGB Stars PDF

D. Montes: High-resolution Spectroscopy of FGK Nearby Stars: Stellar Parameters and Chemical Tagging PDF

Discussion Session II 16:50
Poster viewing until 18:00

Session 3: Morning 24 June 09:00 (Chair: A. de Koter)

Quantitative Spectroscopy of Hot Stars

N. Przybilla: A Comprehensive Test of Common Hydrostatic LTE and non-LTE Model Atmosphere/Line-formation Codes for Quantitative Spectroscopy of Early-type Dwarfs and Giants PDF

N. Walton: VAMDC: The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre PDF

T. Dall: Modeling Rotating Geometrically Distorted Stars with Inhomogeneous Surface Features PDF

Coffee break and poster viewing 10:30

F. Nieva: High-precision Stellar Parameter and Abundance Determinations of OB Dwarfs and BA Supergiants PDF

R. Hudec: Tests of Simulated Gaia Bp/Rp Spectra with LDS (Low Dispersion Spectroscopy) Photographic Sky Surveys PDF

R. Blomme: Hot Stars in the Gaia-ESO Public Survey PDF

Discussion Session III 12:00 PDF
Lunch at VUB restaurant 12:20

Session 4: Afternoon 24 June 13:30 (Chair: A. Herrero)

J. Groh: Modeling the Wind and Photosphere of Massive Stars with the Radiative Transfer Code CMFGEN PDF

S. Simon-Diaz: The IACOB Project (WP3: Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis of Galactic OB stars) PDF

Coffee break with cake and poster viewing 14:30; removing posters by 15:00

A. de Koter: The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey PDF

Y. Chen: XSL: The X-Shooter Stellar Library PDF

Discussion Session IV 15:50
Summary of Workshop (A. Lobel) 16:10 PDF
Workshop closing and Farewell 16:40

Workshop Posters:

P1 S. Van Eck: A Grid of MARCS Model Atmospheres for S Stars

P2 T. Morel: Using CoRoT and Kepler Targets as Benchmarks for Spectroscopic Analyses of Cool Stars

P4 J. Maldonado: Spectroscopic Properties of Stars with Circumstellar Debris Discs

P5 A. Chiavassa: 3-D Hydrodynamical Model Atmospheres: A Tool to Correct Radial Velocities and Parallaxes

P6 L. Mahy: A Quantitative Study of the O Stars in NGC 2244

P7 F. A. Stap: Quantitative IR Spectroscopy of Massive Stars

P8 J. Zhang: Stellar Parameter Estimation for the LAMOST Survey

P9 P. Koubsky: Gaia RVS Spectroscopy of Be Stars

P10 P. Neyskens: Abundance Patterns in S-type AGB Stars to Set Constraints on Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Evolution Models

P11 A. Jorissen: Chemically Tagging the Hyades Stream: Does it Partly Originate from the Hyades Cluster?