Brussels is the capital of Belgium, a country with three official languages French, Dutch, and German. You will find your way around in English as well without serious problems. You can easily reach the VUB by public transportation. The subway system is called Metro (indicated with blue & white M sign) operated by STIB. Check this STIB link to plan your travel in Brussels.

You will reach the VUB from the Pétillon subway station on Yellow Line 5 with a 10 min. walk following Vrijwilligerslaan and Schoofslaan towards the SW (VUB entrance 7). Check the map below with Metro stops. You can also stop at Delta and walk around the ULB Campus area following the main road Bld. du Triomphe (French) or Triomflaan (Dutch) towards the North. The VUB is at 15 min. walking distance on the other side of the ULB area.

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Map of subways stops in Brussels.

You will find more directions on the interactive map of Brussels.

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